• No assembly required, the Mini Travelmate comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box so all you have to do is attach your toddler car seat with a single strap and you have a compact travel stroller to make your travels a breeze
  • The Mini Travelmate is a compact and lightweight stroller weighing in at only 3.5 pounds providing a stroller that is not bulky or cumbersome and awkward to travel with, it is easy to bring on any trip long or short.
  • The Mini Travelmate’s one-hand maneuverability feature makes it very easy to use and navigate a busy airport with your child and all their gear, the razor wheels provide a soft, smooth and quiet ride with exceptional turning ability
  • The Mini Travelmate is compatible with most toddler and convertible car seats on the market and the quick-release ratcheting strap makes it easy to attach and remove to your car seat in a matter of seconds so you can quickly be on your way
  • The Mini Travelmate can accommodate children up to 44lbs and a combined total weight of child and car seat of 84lbs providing more options for the large seats on the market

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From the inventors of the Travelmate, the original car seat stroller, Go-Go Babyz brings a new, innovative version with The Mini Travelmate. The Mini Travelmate easily attaches to most toddler and convertible car seats quickly turning your car seat into an airport stroller, continuing to make traveling with your child and car seats a breeze. The Mini Travelmate, Go-Go Babyz is a simple, lightweight and compact design that comes fully assembled. Its well thought design provides added safety and stability with the widest wheel base available, increased leverage and balance with wheel placement, and easy car seat attachment with the ratcheting buckle system. Now you can easily travel with your kids, car seats, and all their gear through the airport. The latest version comes with longer, 5.5 inch fold down base to accommodate the larger car seats on the market. Simply fold down the base, set your car seat on the base and attach the ratcheting strap, tighten, secure, and off you go with child in tow. NOTE that it is easier to install without child in the car seat, face down so the Mini Travelmate can be as closely aligned as possible for optimum stability and performance.

GO-GO BABYZ MINI TRAVELMATE CAR SEAT STROLLER for toddler car seats, silver Review

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