COOLTECH TM Car Seat Cooler (Grey)

  • Self Insulated, All in One! No need to install any gel packs!
  • Keeps car seat cool
  • Only Car Seat Cooler with COOLTECH TM
  • Peace of mind knowing your child is safe!
  • Never have another hot car seat again!

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Best car seat cooler! Place cooler folded and flat in the freezer over night. Once frozen, take with you and place on EMPTY car seat before you leave the car. Only takes 10 minutes to cool down hot car seat and buckles. This cooler is intended to keep the car seat cool while child is out of the car seat. Great for running errands and protecting car seat when car is left in the sun. *For maximum use and extended periods of time, keep cooler folded until about 10 minutes before placing child in the car. The self insulated mechanism will allow for the cooler to stay frozen longer.

COOLTECH TM Car Seat Cooler (Grey) Review

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